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Horseriding adventures in the hills of Lucca

Lucca Horseriding - Nostro West

Your visit to Tuscany would not be complete without seeing at least a portion of the beautiful scenery from the back of a horse!

Beginners or experienced riders, children or adults, we offer unique trail rides leading you through exiting terrain in wine and olive country. You will be surrounded by vineyards, forest, fields and olive trees. Our horse ranch is located in Mutigliano, just 7 kilometers out of Lucca.

Trail rides can be booked by appointment only, please make a reservation a few days before:

email: or call: 0039-3466992025 (English, Nederlands, Italiano)

Check out the link at the left for the different trail rides and prices

After your enquiry, we will send you a reservation confirmation by email with the booking details.

Transport option: While the ranch is just 15 minutes drive from Lucca, you can't get there without a car. There is no regular public service. Roundtrip transport can be organised on request from Lucca train station or Piazza Verdi in Lucca, to the ranch and back (Rate per car: 20 euros max.4 persons per car)

Helmets are available for your use, obbligated under the age of 18. Adults we advise to wear a helmet. The youngest ones, till 14 years old, have to wear our body protectors.

Horseriding rules:

*Riding and being at the ranch is at your own risk

*All riders under 18 years of age must wear a helmet, which we provide. Children up to 14 years old must wear a bodyprotector, which we provide. Its an Italian law.

*Guided walking next to the horse with young children if needed, whatever the level of riding of the children

*All riders are strongly advised to wear long pants and closed toed shoes. Bring sunscream.

*All riders must show up 30 minutes prior to the ride for signing disclaimer (parents must sign for children who are under 18), fitting helmets and we offer some basic intructions.

*Upon arrival at the ranch we will collect payments, which can ONLY be accepted in cash. There's no bankmachine at the ranch.

*Max weight of rider 90 kilograms, 200 pounds for safety and comfort of our horses.

*The guides slect the horses and match them to customers based on size, shape, age and character of the horse. We help you get on the horse selected for you. The guides will adjust your stirrups to your legs and check the saddle girth.

*Pocketsize cameras are best on trails. If you like to bring a bottle of water, put it in a small backpack.

*We keep our horses and our riders only safe in WALKING SPEED over the rough grounds, on pavement or going up and down hill. Our rides are gentle along scenic trails throughout the Tuscan hills around Lucca. We dont take any risks and will not cut corners in keeping horse and rider safe.

*Since we often have several groups of people booked on a day, people arriving late may miss the treking or get a shorter ride. We do not want late arrivals delay the departure for everyone.             

*We do not garantee exclusive private rides. Private rides can be organized but will cost an additional 25 euros per person extra.

*Trail and weather conditions apply. We go riding unless the conditions are unsafe, which are usually heavy rain or storm which make the trails unsafe. Only the guide decides if the trekking will be interupted.

* If the riders decide to turn back earlier, for whatever reason,there is no refunds. 

*In case you decide on the spot, for whatever reason, not to ride there will be no refund of the payment.

*Cancellation policy
To ensure that we have a successful day of horseriding, we need to prepare the horses a few hours before the trekking. To do this we need to know the exact number of riders. If you are unable to attend, or wish to bring a friend at the last moment, please let us know at least a day before the chosen time. For whatever reason 48 hours notice is required to cancel bookings. After that, no refunds of deposit. Cancellation need to made by email or telephone,

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